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Magnus Kofoed

September 5 20

The first few days after the treatment I had a feeling of really

I just want to say thank you for the kambo lecture this weekend!


I have been able to feel a positive difference in my wellbeing and feel that I have moved in through some blocks I have had ..


It was nice to connect with kambo and nature in a sacred way, so thank you for that and again your work with kambo!


It's cool to overcome fear! 🐸

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AnnSofie H

August 3, 19

The first days after the treatment I had a feeling of really good contact with myself, my vision / focus was really sharpened, especially in nature.  

Subsequently, I have been even more ready to try more.  

And all in all, a really positive and good treatment. I would love to give you feedback on Facebook, you undoubtedly deserve five stars, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - But I do not have Facebook.  

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June 8  19

What a fantastic healing space.

You truly have a deep connection with kambo spirit. 

Thank you so much for holding space so beautifully.

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Felix Palacios

March 14  19

Hey Tina! 

It feels good in body and soul, feels like a calm and a strength in me all over. 

It also feels like this has come after a week or so .. The first days after I felt a little tired but still strong, now it has landed a calm and strength. It feels good.  

Thanks for a good session Tina! Hug

Smilende modne kvinde med grå hår

Jytte H

January 15  19

Dear Tina

Have stopped taking painkillers Panodil 4-6 a day, still feel my arthritis in the knees a little, but can endure the pain.

Feeling I'm getting more energy.

Feeling of joy and gratitude and that life flows with me and the feeling is just there, like something lasting. 

It's hard to know if it's only 'due to kambo or the process I do  is in via mine  spiritual work ....  feel that I have become more aware of myself and my surroundings.

I also remember my kambo process of having compassion for myself and others, and also feel that it has become closer. 

Who am I for?  

  -   it's kambo there  has pushed to my inner and outer processes.


Many loving greetings and thanks from Jytte  ️


Jonas and Veronica

2 November 18

I'm doing really well - better than I've had for a long time actually - I should say hello from veronica too, we're still a bit on the leaf seed mood, as you can see in the picture - hope to see you another time KH

btw - my friend magnus is coming down next week and attending - i'm looking forward to hearing his response

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28 Oct 18
After kambo it's definitely something different in a better way. Feels like I connected with something within myself.
Can I  book  a session on Sunday🤗

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Maxwell Honey

12 April 18
“Tina held such a calm and loving space for my Kambo ceremony ... it was truly one of the best experiences I've ever had with medicine. Ive been using and providing Kambo myself for 6+ years, but that particular session was an exceptionally powerful experience! but she took care of me every step of the way -Allowing me to go really deep with the medicine and experience some really profound healing ...  


I truly cannot recommend her highly enough! ” 



20 June 18
"Wow is probably the word that best describes my experience. We all know that you have to go through something unpleasant to get better, but this was a shift like nothing else I have experienced. Tina helped to ensure success. with his care and competence, and afterwards it was as if the fog lifted, and colors, senses, and life were clearer than ever, absolutely amazing! "

Man ser ud til bjergene


6 Sep 18
Thank you very much in the end it was a really good experience which I look forward to participating in again :) I feel good and feel stronger both mentally and physically ......



Jan 20

I would also like to say a thousand thanks for this Sunday. I also feel great both physically and mentally - alert and assertive :-) My vision is also really good. On the whole, I am so happy with the experience - that I plan to take another trip later in the year.




Jan 20

I would also like to say a thousand thanks for this Sunday. I also feel great both physically and mentally - alert and assertive :-) My vision is also really good. On the whole, I am so happy with the experience - that I plan to take another trip later in the year.


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Merle S.

4 May  19

Thank you so much for a really wonderful and very safe experience with kambo. 

See you again for sure 

Merle S.

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Brynja Bjorg Gudmundsdottir

Jan 4  19

Solo session

I have enjoyed great medicine which has both been felt in my body which has felt more relaxed and comfortable.
I have had some days of mental clarity and contact with my emotions. There has been a turbo on personal development. I would very much like to explore Kambo further and keep an eye out for any ceremonies 🐸



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20  Jan  19

The experience was good and gentle and I managed to let go of some inner tension and clean out my earthly temple.

I felt safe and comfortable throughout Tina's deft presence. She works with great respect for nature and the spiritual world and manages to create a pleasant atmosphere around the process.

Furthermore, I received sananga and rapé, and likewise it was a good and beneficial experience.

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2 Nov 18
Hi beautiful ♥ ️
I feel super good after kambo and the disease has pretty much left my body. I noticed how the process continued a few days after our evening. My intention was to let go of locked-in fear and anxiety, and I have to promise that I was overcome and looked at when I said "YES" to the whole package. I felt that I could stand strong and grounded in myself throughout the session and it has given me a greater belief in my own strength. Thank you so much for making room for it ♥ ️ ♥ ️

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26 Oct.  18 

Dear Tina
It was an amazing and present experience.

I could feel a strong spiritual connection between us.

Gør Funny Face


Oct 16  18 
After 4 days  it suddenly became very clear that something had happened to me ... I had an inner calm and did not get nervous at all in the same way as I usually do :) 


Maria B

31 May 18
Kambo kambo ;-)


Before and during the process: It was my first time in kambo treatment, so I was a little nervous. Luckily, Tina explained to me in advance what was going to happen and what I could expect, and again immediately before, she did something in the process so I felt safe and comfortable throughout. Tina was very attentive to my condition along the way to make sure she could support me in the best way possible.


My experience in the process: I did not vomit, in return I felt the cambo work with great activity in my brain especially around the forehead lobes. It felt like a nice effect. The dots felt to me like stinging nettles sticking, though without it hurting.


Subsequent: The first two days after the treatment, I felt great activity in my body in a place where I know that strong negative emotions have accumulated and I was mentally affected to a similar degree.


I can highly recommend Tina, and would like to highlight her warm and caring way of running the process. I felt in very safe hands throughout and also afterwards.

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Julie S

6 May 18
To begin with, I could not quite feel any difference right up until it dawned on me that it was me who had to make the changes. The kambo medicine just helped me along the way.

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