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For the natives of the Amazon rainforest, sananga is a powerful eye medicine used to promote vision and especially in hunting.


Sananga is produced from  tabernaemontana the budgerigar tree. In fact, the whole tree and its roots can be used, but the natives are conscious of harvesting without eradicating the tree, so only the inner bark is used. The process of making sananga for eye drops takes several days and is slow as you have to work gently with the bark and preferably in a meditative silence around these healing drops.  

It was a great learning for me to be out in the rainforest itself to harvest sananga branches, peel and create the inside bark off and wash out the sananga afterwards. Filtration and manifestation of the healing energy of the fluid over the following 3 days.  


Sananga is dripped into the eyes and can be quite stinging at first as the human eye is quite sensitive. The burning or burning sensation lasts only a short time and is followed by a warm and revealing feeling. With relaxation comes a reset of energy field   and especially the upper chakra areas such as head, forehead and neck.  


In many places sananga is praised for

to improve myopia, farsightedness,

cataracts and night blindness - an ocular detoxification.

If necessary, search the web yourself

and form your own opinion.  


Sananga & Rapé ceremony lecture

Where does sananga & rapé come from - the use of the natives

Get really close to Sananga  - short meditation

Get really close to Rapé - short meditation
  (this is completely voluntary)

Use of sananga and rapé in the western world  life.  

A little mother earth in your everyday life .... 🌿🌴🐸


Price (pounds. 200, - 

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