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The story of the big tree monkey seeds

The mucus from  forest seeds

Deep inside the Amazon jungle lives a dull green seed with the most amazing stories attached. First, it is not believed to have any natural enemies and although it is often referred to as being highly toxic, its secretion is not intended to kill. When the kambo frog feels threatened, it will secrete a whitish secretion from behind its eyes and down along the body and on the hind legs. This secretion is called kambo and is what the natives have traditionally used as natural medicine. The large tree monkey seed or as it is called in Latin Phyllomedusa bicolor lives wild in the northern part of the Amazon rainforest. It lives in the trees and has a pronounced almost screaming green color as well as whitish underside with black dots. Its eyes are dark and its way of life is slow. Originally used as a hunter fortifier and to overcome panema but several different uses are described.


Kambo in the modern world

Kambo has found its way to the western world through people who have heard natives talk about the use of secretions, which is also quite impressive. Kambo is said to strengthen the hunters' sight and hearing and is therefore taken before they go hunting. It has been used to overcome panema and tried kambo and which recommends it warmly. Kambo has been proven for centuries without any elaborate medical explanation. Highly experienced kambo practitioners both natives and westerners associate kambo medicine with soul medicine and there is great respect associated with the whole process.  




Since my very first encounter with Kambo, my life has become so much more mine.
It feels a bit like I'm now back in the driver's seat of my own life.
Will always be kambo grateful

Tina B

To begin with, I could not quite feel any difference right up until it dawned on me that it was me who had to make the changes. The kambo medicine just helped me along the way.

Julie S

Kambo Lecture


Group  lecture   (max. 6  perf): 2.5-3  timer  

  • Get really close  The Kambo experience

  • Herbal tea and water ad libitum

  • Opportunity to get close to sananga drops

  • Possibility of quiet meditation and rest

  • Share your experience with others


Follow-Up Lecture: 2-2.5  timer  hour  


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