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Sananga and Rapé

Rapé is spiritual contact with mother earth and is used by the natives at all times of the day. And preferably with others  medicines as they call them.

Every night while I was visiting the tribe there was a rapé ceremony which was actually quite mundane and for me seemed like a rounding off of the day's tasks and before getting ready for the day's last meal. 

One  typical combination is with sananga which is the eye drops they use as strength for vision and correction of poor eyesight. 
This session is held in the afternoon or as an evening event.

Write is you more, I would like to come to you.

Ceremony lecture-
Sananga & Rapé

We take a 'trip to the jungle' and hear about the locals' use of both rapé and sananga, both of which are medicines that are often used in connection with kambo. However, they are completely independent of each other and can be used individually. 

The medicines must be tried on your own body (voluntarily) and there will be time for a meditative moment - feel free to expect a deep meditation. Then you do not get to meditate so often, you get an opportunity here 🤗 

Finally, there will also be time to ask questions and hear about the application of sananga and rapé in our own lives. 

The jungle is not that far away at all even .... 🌿🌴🐸

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