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What is kambô?

What does the kambo secretion really consist of?


The exact composition of kambo has not yet been fully elucidated, but some research has been conducted. Therefore, it is known that the kambo secretion contains peptides that are involved in biochemical reactions in our bodies. Nine of these have been found to be bioactive, which means that they are naturally found in our bodies and that they perform or facilitate specific functions in our bodies that are already going on in the body. 

Kambo is thus more welcomed by the body than is the case with pharmaceuticals, where the body naturally goes in and counteracts the industrially produced chemistry.


Kambo's bioactive peptides are involved in important cellular processes or have a hormone-like effect. In other words, they have a real impact on the body's organs and have, among other things, influence on the secretion of stomach acid and pancreas, affect the pituitary and adrenal cortex as well as the muscles in and around the gastrointestinal tract.  


Kambo also contains neuropeptides,   which are small protein-like molecules that are the communication link between neurons. Neurons are found in our brain and these signaling molecules thus help to send messages around our brain.   The neuropeptides are messengers that tell the brain about appetite, metabolism, social behavior, learning and memory as well as reproduction.  



Below you can read about the effects they can explain.


Phyllomedusin - strongly affects the intestines, intestines and contributes to deep cleansing of toxins.


Phyllokinin and Phyllomedusin - both potent vasodilators that increase the permeability of​​ blood-brain barrier.


Caerulein and Sauvagine - causes a decrease in blood pressure accompanied by tachycardia (rapid heartbeat), stimulates the adrenal cortex and pituitary gland as well as contributes to increased sensory perception and increased endurance. 

These peptides have a strong analgesic effect, improve endurance, increase physical strength and generally improve the capacity to deal with physical pain and stress. They possess medicinal uses as digestives, and have demonstrated analgesic effects for those with renal colic, pain due to peripheral vascular insufficiency, and cancer.


Dermorphin and Deltorphin are potent opioid peptides 40  times stronger than morphine and 4000 times stronger than endogenous b-endorphins. But has no addictive elements.


Adenoregulin, is part of the dermaseptin group that broad-spectrum antimicrobial peptides. Adenoregulin acts as an adenosine receptor in the body hence it is attributed to fundamental influence in all human fuel cells. These receptors are also thought to be important in depression, stroke and cognitive loss, such as Alzheimer's disease. 



Froggin fantastic session! Thanks  Tina

- kambô kambô kambô  🐸


Since my very first encounter with Kambo, my life has become so much more mine.
It feels a bit like I'm now back in the driver's seat of my own life.
Will always be kambo grateful


To begin with, I could not quite feel any difference right up until it dawned on me that it was me who had to make the changes. The kambo medicine just helped me along the way.

Julie S

Kambo Mini-lecture

Private lectures - approx. 2-2.5 hours


  • As many kambo dots as are relevant

  • Herbal tea and water ad libitum

  • Possibility of reduced price for sananga and rapé lectures

  • Possibility of quiet meditation and rest


Simple lecture; 950, -

Follow-up lecture:  950, -

​​ Purchased 3 times at once; 2500, -

Group lecture  - 2.5-3 hours


  • As many kambo dots as are relevant

  • Herbal tea and water ad libitum

  • Possibility of reduced price for sananga and rapé lectures

  • Possibility of quiet meditation and rest

  • Share your experience with others


Simple lecture; 750, -

Follow-up lecture:  650, -

​​ Purchased 3 times at once; 1800, -

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