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Sessions are offered in Greater Copenhagen regularly and private group sessions and solo sessions are offered by appointment.  

Kambo sessions typically start at 10am  set aside for about 2-3 hours. Other times can also be done. Please note that there is a no show fee for the full amount.


group cambo lectures;


Open group 14 . April. at 10

Open group 15 . April. at 10

Open group 16 . April . at 10

Open group April 30. at 10

Private lectures (solo or group)  

is possible every day in StorKbh./Sjælland.


Private sessions 👍🏻
Currently missing suitable premises in Aarhus or the surrounding area. Finally, get in touch if you know or have local 🤗🐸👍🏻

Sananga & Rapé Ceremony lecture

Write for location and registration

Write to book 🐸

Solo & Private kambo lectures  👍🏻

Ask and I will answer ...

Success! The message has arrived.

Write and let's make a deal. Denmark is not that big 🤗

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