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Tradfitional male application for kambo sapo acate I Kambo Danmark

At the kambo session, you should be fasting and after we meet consume some water as. The water settles in the stomach and can be used as a buffer when the vomiting reflex sets in. However, the reaction to kambo is incredibly individual and also varies from time to time, so the experience is different. It is very important to me that the process you go through is as safe and secure as possible, which is why I keep the 'space' so you can work safely and deeply with the kambo medicina.
I use my scientific and coaching background as well as techniques and energy work I have learned and trained with the native shamans in the Amazon rainforest.
The session also offers acquaintance with sananga and rapé.

Traditionally, kambo is given through the skin by burning away the top layer of skin so that the secretion can be placed on the exposed subcutaneous tissue. From here, it is rapidly absorbed into the lymphatic system.

While the method may be cross-border for some, it is the safest way to manage kambo,  as the process is managed much better and is based on many hundreds of years of knowledge learned from kambo shaman to kambo shaman. It is therefore also important that you find a well-trained cambo facilitator who can ensure you a safe process. 
After the session, nothing is used and the wounds heal like ordinary small wounds or you can use the antiseptic and antibacterial dragon blood which is the juice from the dragon blood tree. It can help secure one  healthy and uncomplicated healing of the wounds and then that is what gives them  characteristic dark kambo dots color.

One may well be affected by the session after the kambo secretion is taken away and it is very different from person to person and from kambo session to kambo session how one's body takes the session. Some will thus be affected days after but the majority will be able to go directly to work or the like. 

I recommend that you find time for a little alone time, time in nature and time for meditation to incorporate the kambo work and to thank the body and head for the work that has just been done.  

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