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A kambo kiss ...

The first time I met Kambo was on a hot summer day in a small town in Arizona, USA. I had not had anything to eat or drink since the day before, and it is an underestimation to say that my body was far out of its comfort zone even before I found the little house in the quite ordinary villa neighborhood.

My curiosity was indescribable and I was excited to a degree I had not been long, not to mention my self-irony that peaked with too loud an outburst of laughter and a loving  - "Tosse"…. said by myself to myself, alone there in the car. However, what had caused me to travel so far?


The moment I stepped through the porch door, I felt a positive and all-encompassing energy. There were 5 other people sitting on the floor on each of their sleeping pads and with a roll of toilet paper next to them. It set my thoughts in motion, so I had decided to implement this and after a bit of rotating around myself, I also found my place on the floor equipped with an herbal tea that smelled like something I should ask what was. After a short welcome, it was time to tell why they had sought the frog, the secretion, the experience… kambo. And all I can get out of it is that I was just curious about the experience!


Now I was just very curious about everything that was going to happen physically with my body - how embarrassing would it not be, here among these wildly strange and quite problematized people, to go fast on the barrel and especially if it included loud noises…. I mean, the toilet was right next door. Determined that if my body required it, I would do anything to get to the extra toilet which after all was safer behind 2 doors and not just one door.

what would happen and how my body would react to meeting the frog so to speak. So I was totally surprised that I felt so good. I had this warm satisfying feeling inside and my body kind of welcomed the kambo 'medicine into a coexistence. A good warmth and exciting sensation spread from my neck and head down into my body. Then came the cause of nausea and I cleared, but it went easily, quickly and quietly. Afterwards, I was happy - happy to have treated kambo physically, but also relieved in a calm and content way.


I had asked kambo to help lift the burden off​​ past problems in this and past lives.


I was hungry and full of energy and meditated on a rock by the golf course next door​​ the hotel. Not very special.

Tip: Always remember to drink plenty of water after a cambo session - you may have drunk a lot but you do not absorb it 😆

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