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Knowledge and experience

To ensure the most correct and best tested handling of kambo as a cleansing and strengthening medicine, I have chosen to be trained by the  natives themselves.  Their knowledge is based on centuries of experience in the use of kambo. It is this knowledge I hope can pass on to Danes through KamboDanmark's lecture series.

It is very important to me to have the best possible knowledge of typical reactions to  kambo. To know the causes and to be able to handle situations. This is to be able to provide the best possible 'space' for you to work with the cambo information you hear about during the lecture.
I stay informed about what positive effects people have from the encounter with kambo (and negative, should they one day occur) - at the same time  I am active with sparring one in various groups for Kambo facilitators.

"You need to be able to feel safe  in your cambo process "

Certified in 2018 by Katukina tribe shamans Levi, Kaku, Davi as well as their Chef Fernando and his wife Francisca.

Certificat I kambo Danmark I Katukina
kambo danmaek I katukina I certificeret
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